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EVIglance provides you with a systematic and living evidence map for medical topics including meta-analyses and free of charge. 

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Systematic and updated overview on a specific field in medicine.

Direct link to all published and ongoing randomised-controlled trials and systematic reviews in a specific field.

Living meta-analyses which are updated when a new trial becomes available.

Processed data from trials for your own systematic review.

Your ultimate resource for clinical EVIDENCE and medical research

EVIglance is a groundbreaking web application designed to revolutionize the way medical professionals and researchers interact with clinical studies and medical research. Our platform is created by a team of experienced clinicians and researchers who understand the importance of evidence-based medicine.

Our unique “EVIglance STUDIO” generates medical living evidence maps and provides living meta-analyses – making it easier than ever for medical professionals to create a comprehensive overview of scientific studies. The creators of the living evidence maps are doctors and researchers at major hospitals. The living evidence maps are created as state-of-the-art systematic reviews.

The living evidence maps are displayed via the EVIglance app and empower doctors to quickly and effectively find the clinical evidence they need for specific diseases or patient cases. By ensuring therapy decisions are up-to-date and scientifically grounded, we help clinicians provide optimized, individualized patient care and make informed decisions about effective therapies for specific patient populations.

But EVIglance isn’t just for medical professionals. We envisage patients themselves using our platform to find optimal therapies and to inform themselves about their condition, diagnosis, and treatment possibilities. Moreover, we anticipate our services being vital to a broader audience including funding bodies and the medical device and pharmaceutical industry.


Your Comprehensive Solution to create a living evidence map on a specific medical field with all sub-steps of a state-of-the-art systematic review from screening to meta-analysis plus automated display on a web page and mobile device.

Web-Based Platform for Seamless Team Collaboration

EVIglance STUDIO operates entirely within a web browser, offering users convenience and accessibility from any internet-enabled device, regardless of location. EVIglance STUDIO is designed to facilitate smooth team collaboration, enabling efficient communication, data sharing, and project management.

Data Import from Various Sources:

Data is imported manually or automatically from major medical databases (MEDLINE, Web of Science, CENTRAL and EMBASE). Duplicates are detected automatically and a flowchart of articles is updated constantly.

Data Extraction, Analysis and Creation of an Evidence Map:

Articles are displayed directly in EVIglance STUDIO enabling a swift data extraction. Studies are grouped in research topics and extracted data is meta-analysed within EVIglance STUDIO.

Four-Eye Principle:

Adhering to the rules of a state-of-the-art systematic review the gold standard of the four-eye principle ensures the highest accuracy and reliability in screening and data extraction enhancing the quality of research. Optionally, one person is substituted by artificial intelligence.

Mobile and Web Applications for Living Meta-Analyses:

The living evidence map created within EVIglance STUDIO is displayed by dedicated mobile and web applications (Download here).

No Programming Skills Required:

All features are accessible without any programming knowledge, enhancing usability and accessibility for users with varying technical backgrounds.


Publications realised by EVIglance users

Evidence map of pancreatic surgery: protocol for a living systematic review and meta-analysis. BMJ Open 2019;9:e032353.
Evidence Map of Pancreatic Surgery-A living systematic review with meta-analyses by the International Study Group of Pancreatic Surgery (ISGPS). Surgery. 2021;170(5):1517-1524.
Framework for a living systematic review and meta-analysis for the surgical treatment of bladder cancer: introducing EVIglance to urology. Int J Surg Protoc. 2023;27(2):9-15.
The EVIglance randomized clinical trial: a new standard for answering a clinical question. Br J Surg. 2023 Mar 30;110(4):515-517.

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